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Our Purpose 

Founded in 2020, HydroHammer was formed to help alleviate the world's water, energy and climate change crises by creating their innovative Smart Hydram technology. Spearheaded by  Dr. Thomas Rowan whose background stems from hydrology and fluid dynamics, HydroHammer has gone from strength to strength in achieving its mission.

Our Mission

To use the abundant energy of flowing water to reduce the need for polluting fossil fuels in order to make the availability of water more affordable to consumers and industry.

Dr. Thomas Rowan

Founder & CEO

Design Engineer

Omar A.

Alexander Rowan

Co-Founder & COO

The Team

PhD in Computational Hydraulics (Imperial College London) and inventor of HydroHammer's technology who develops this alongside a variety of hydrology projects.

MSc in Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (UCL) with experience in agri-tech startups with a passion for sustainability.

MSc in Chemistry (University of Bristol) and an Honorary Fellowship with the University of Melbourne who specialises in accelerating green innovations

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